Gipsy (overweight)

Dear Anifit Team,

My name is Gipsy - I will be 10 years old in May. I am a Westi and live with my daughter Shari - now seven years old - with my extremely lovely owner and master. My problem has been my figure since I was a puppy.

My mum tried everything - she really didn't pay attention to money. But then everything changed: an obnoxious person from the neighbourhood didn't like us. It's actually legal - one likes dogs, the other cats, but he just threw food into our garden - he'd smeared poison all over it. I - greedy as always - ate it. My daughter Shari didn't. But the sad thing was that my friend Bobby died miserably in the neighbour's garden. I was lucky, but I've had a "drunk liver" ever since. I swear - I never drank alcohol.

Many visits to the doctor followed, but my people never found the right dog food in all those years. Then my humans went to the spring dog show in Mönchengladbach. There they found the nice people from Anifit with an appealing stand. In short - we were invited to a trial meal. An appointment was made and then the very nice Mr Zintl was at our home with treats - our little dog hearts were overflowing. Mum and dad listened, were (thankfully) advised and - for three weeks now - we have been eating healthily. And the dog food tastes good too. Okay - the vegetable flakes weren't such a big hit at first - but now...!

I've lost weight - with Anifit Gelenkfit my joints are a bit fitter again thanks to the loss of weight. I can only say to everyone - three cheers for my mum for her curiosity about Anifit and four cheers for the Zintl family. Great advice - super nice service.

Thank you very much for everything - we will certainly remain loyal to Anifit.

Your West-Highlands
Gipsy and Shari

April 2012

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