Osteoarthritis in cats

I would like to briefly share my very positive experiences with Bewegungsfit:

My then 3-year-old cat started limping for no apparent reason. At first I thought she had twisted her ankle. As it didn't get any better, I went to the vet and he x-rayed her leg and unfortunately found nothing. As he was at a loss (his comment: "It's like looking for a needle in a haystack"), I contacted my nutritionist Anke Roski and she recommended giving my cat Bewegungsfit. No sooner said than done. After a few days, the cat suddenly felt better. In the meantime, I had changed vets and the new vet quickly discovered that it was a case of osteoarthritis. Apart from a small flare-up in autumn (when she was given 1 tablet morning and evening), she never hobbled again. I'm so happy that I don't have to give her painkillers at such a young age and hope that I can manage for a long time "just" with Bewegungs-Fit. Natural treatment is always the better choice. I can only recommend this product.

I have also tried Power-Darm and this product is also excellent. My cats get it mixed into their food twice a year.

Beate B.

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