Still very satisfied after 8 years!

Dear Ani Fit Team,

I have been feeding my 3 cats Anifit for a good 8 years and they are doing great on it. It all started when we got the British, when the breeder said to give them GOOD food, nothing from the chemist or anything else you see advertised.

In the beginning, we also tried to buy good food from the market or a specialist store, until we met an Anifit consultant at an open day. He gave us very nice advice and we immediately made an appointment for a test meal. Of course they also liked to eat the other "normal" food, but with Anifit their fur was much better after a few weeks, they were less hungry and much fitter. There were fewer problems with the changeover, of course there was the odd day when they didn't want it so much, but these were exceptions. I had also once been given food by my neighbour, from her cat as it had died, it was of course discount food, after I had given it to the house cat, as the BKH's already have a sensitive stomach, you could see changes in the house cat (white), it was increasingly hungry, going to the toilet was completely different and it immediately became aggressive towards me, although I only wanted to put the food down, it immediately hissed at me.. a very unusual picture, since then I have never tried anything else because that alone convinced me. In terms of price, of course it is very expensive, but still cheaper than the cheap food. (Yes, I actually did a cost calculation) and came to the conclusion that Anifit is much cheaper. I also think it's great that all varieties are now available in large tins (810gr.). Nautilus and Eismeer are their favourites, Powertöfchen is not quite their favourite but they still get it for the variety, which has also diminished with them is the fish a la mode. but well, tastes change here too ;-)

I also tried the pine litter. The natural, fresh smell of wood was really good and also the "lightness" of the packet, I always used the Premium from Fressnapf (baby scent) before but that alone weighed tonnes, so I was delighted with it. My boys also accepted it straight away. Out of 3 toilets, 1 was filled with pine litter for the changeover, the other 2 with the old litter, and the wooden litter was preferred. The negative thing was that it didn't last as long with mine. I have to admit, I cleaned weekly and only ever added something new, so that the old one was also in there and although the pieces were quite large, like others it was spread around the flat so much that I really had to clean it every day. The smell wasn't so nice in the long run. I didn't want to try the Bento litter, which was new on the market at the time, because I had heard about a litter from a pet shop with activated charcoal, which convinced me....

If anyone has had any experience with the Bento litter, I would love to hear about it...:)

Kind regards from Shadow, Raven Jerry and me (Chantal)

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