Hello, dear "food lover",

Greetings from Anja. Unfortunately, I became ill more and more often many years ago. Sometimes I had diarrhoea, sometimes constipation. Then again I was sick to vomit! This went on for almost a whole year. My humans were already very desperate!

Well, luckily for me, you, dear "food buddy", came to visit us one day. You told my humans about the great things they could order from you and how great they were supposed to taste. They were also supposed to be very healthy and give you a nice coat! Mum wasn't too keen on that. She already had enough problems with me! But she still wanted to give it a try.

But what a miracle it was when I felt much better after a week of trial eating! Everyone was happy, but you were the happiest, because once again you were right. It really is a very good dog food. I have been allowed to eat it every day for 8 years now. The little treats I got on the side were not to be sneezed at either. And then there was the dog liver sausage that I was allowed to eat every day for breakfast! It's hard to describe how great it all tasted.

Dear friend, you were also always there for me and my two-legged friends when there were problems with my health or diet. Sometimes we were on holiday and the delivery came and Mum didn't know where to go, you took care of such things too. It was also bad for my humans when they had to hear from the vet that I had moderate hip displasia. I was only 9 months old! Even then you were able to help me and my can openers. You brought me Joint Fit capsules and I was able to walk almost pain-free for many years. I even went on holiday with my humans!

Thank you very much!
Your Anja

Dessau- Rosslau, 25 September 2010
(Anja passed away in 2010)

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